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Games & Outdoors : Holidays > St. Patrick's Day

Round the Leprechaun added 2-25-98 Original Author Unknown

(child's name)__ go round the shamrock
(child's name)__ go round the gold
(child's name)__ go round the leprechaun
Every afternoon! BOOM!

Place shamrocks, gold coins and a leprechaun on the floor for children
to dance around.

Leprechaun Gold added 3-9-98 Original Author Unknown

Cut out many gold paper circles, and write and draw simple directions on each. Then hide the gold (during nap time). Make a leprechaun's pot by folding the top of a paper lunch bag down several times, then stapling a paper strip to each side so that it resembles a small pot. Turn children loose for a treasure hunt after nap time. Set a limit to the number of coins they can find. Then they can help others (those wanting help) to find gold coins. Everyone drops their coins in "the pot". At circle time, pull out and read the coins and have the children act out the directions on them. "Turn around three times and sit down". "Clap your hands twice and shake your neighbor's hand." "Wave your hands and jump up and down three times."

Leprechaun Hunt added 3-9-98 Original Author Unknown

1 leprechaun statue or stuffed toy.

1. Have children sit in a circle
2. Choose a child to hide the leprechaun while the others close their eyes. (set limits as to where the leprechaun can hide)
3. While the child is hiding the leprechaun chant:
(child's name) hide the Leprechaun
(child's name) hide the Leprechaun
4. Child returns to circle a picks someone to find it, while they are looking chant:
(child's name) find the Leprechaun
(child's name) find the Leprechaun
5. When the child finds the Leprechaun have them return to the center of the circle and everyone sings while the child does a jig:
(child's name) found the Leprechaun
(child's name) found the Leprechaun
6. This child gets to hide the Leprechaun and the game starts all over until everyone has had a turn.

Who's Sitting on Gold added 2-21-99 Original Author Unknown

First you need a gold coin. I just get one that you find a most candy shops (Made of chocolate.) If you can't find one just wrap a quarter in gold colored foil. Next the children sit down on the floor. The (Leprechaun) then sits with their back facing the children. The teacher signals one child to steal the gold. The child sits on the gold as the rest of the children
Leprechaun, leprechaun where’s your gold.
Someone stole it from your home.
The leprechaun has three guess to reveal the child. The child who stole the gold than became the leprechaun.

Shamrock Bounce added 2-21-99 Original Author Unknown

You will need to paint an old tennis ball green. Set five pie tins on the floor, number 1-5. Give each child five bounces to land in the pie tins. Add up the total numbers to see who wins.

Run Little Leprechaun added 2-21-99 Original Author Unknown

Have the children sit in a circle. Play music as the children pass around a shamrock made out of construction paper. When the music stops the child holding the shamrock also stops. The children yell "Run Little Leprechaun!" The child gets up runs around the circle once than sits back down. Let all children have a turn.

St. Patrick's Day Is Here added 2-21-99 Original Author Unknown

Select a child to be "it" Who then steps outside of the door or faces with his/her back toward the circle. Sing the following song as the children are seated in a circle. After the song ends the child who was selected to be "it" then has three chances to pick the child who will be sitting on the shamrock.

Sung to: "The Farmer In The Dell"
St. Patrick's Day is here,
St. Patrick's Day is here,
Let's give a clap and dance a jig
St. Patrick's Day is here.

Find the 4-leaf clover added 2-21-99 Original Author Unknown

Prepare pictures or cutouts of green clovers, have one for each child. All Clover's should have 3 leaves except one which should be a 4-leaf clover. Children take turns passing around the clovers to music. When music stops, child who has 4-leaf clover gets a special treat (sticker, hug from you, etc.) Tell children that the person with the 4-leaf clover is lucky -- that is why they get the special treat. Continue on until all kids have gotten the 4-leaf clover, special treat.

Somebody's been sneaking in my daycare added 2-23-99 
Original Author Unknown

Nothing excites and motivates children like traces of surprise visits from an unexpected friend. During the days preceding St. Patrick's Day, leave clues around your daycare that lead youngsters to believe that a leprechaun has been in their midst! One day, before youngsters arrive, secretly turn your kids chairs upside down. Attach a trail of construction paper footprints along the walls and ceiling, or dip a small sneaker in washable green paint and leave footprints by intermittently pressing the shoe against the walls. At another time, leave traces of gold dust (glitter) and construction paper shamrocks in places where youngsters will discover them throughout the course of the day. Other ideas include replacing your soap with green soap, leaving green chalk messages on your chalkboard, and moving supplies from their places to unusual spots in the room. Just as your junior sleuths begin to suspect that you are the culprit, have a colleague place a green jelly bean at each child's place while you are out of the room with your class. ( Since the children are
learning not to accept food from strangers, be sure to make a point, as the adult, to 'check' the jelly beans before approving them.)

Follow the Leprechaun added 2-25-99 Original Author Unknown

Make a set of Leprechaun ears by attaching pointy green construction paper ears to a headband. Have one child wear the ears and be the leprechaun leader in a game of follow the leader. Take turns with each child.

Hunt for Green added 3-9-03 Original Author Unknown

Ask your child to look for things that are green. Write down what they find.


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