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Games & Outdoors : Holidays > Valentine's Day

Who has the Valentine? added 2-22-98 Original Author Unknown

Choose an "IT". Others stand in circle facing each other with hands behind their backs. "Valentine" passer walks around the outside of the circle, pretending to put the valentine in each hand- but really only one. Then say, "Valentine, valentine, who has the valentine? "IT" guesses. If correct, the valentine passer becomes "IT".

Sharing Song - Valentine Game added 2-22-98 Original Author Unknown

Sharing comes straight from the heart as youngsters play this circle-time game. Seat children in a circle. Give a construction paper heart cut out to each of three students. Have these three children walk around the outside of the circle while everyone sings the following song. At the end of the song, have each child give his heart to someone seated in the circle and exchange places with that child. Repeat until
everyone has a turn.

Sung to: "London Bridge"

I am learning how to share,
how to share, how to share
I am learning how to share.
This heart is for you!

Musical Hearts added 2-22-98 Original Author Unknown

This game is sort of like musical chairs. But, instead of using chairs, use red laminated hearts. You set them on the floor, with masking tape on the underside and start the music. When the music stops the children find a heart to stand on. Then take one away, so on and so on. You could also vary this game by putting pictures of shapes, numbers, letters, animals, etc. on the hearts. Then when the child are standing on the heart you ask them what's "on the heart" and hopefully they will know.

Sweetheart Dance added 2-22-98 Original Author Unknown

Cut large heart shapes out of red, yellow and blue construction paper. Give each child one heart and have the children stand in a circle. Then sing the song below and have the children follow the directions.

Sung To: "Skip to my Lou"

Red hearts, red hearts, take a bow
Yellow hearts, yellow hearts, take a bow
Blue hearts, blue hearts, take a bow
Now all hearts jump up right now.
Yellow hearts, yellow hearts touch the ground
Blue hearts, blue hearts touch the ground
Red hearts, red hearts touch the ground
Now all hearts turn round and round.
Blue hearts, blue hearts, wit right down
Red hearts, red hearts, sit right down
Yellow hearts, yellow hearts sit right down
Now all stand and run to town! (run in place)

Can You Guess? added 2-22-98 Original Author Unknown

This is similar to the "Doggie, Doggie" game. One child sits in a special chair, and closes her eyes. I give a paper valentine to one of the children and he or she hides it under the chair. We all say together: "Can you guess who was so kind, to bring you a pretty Valentine?" Then the child in the chair gets 3 "guesses" to guess who "gave" the valentine. Then the "giver" gets the next turn to sit in the chair. We take turns until everyone has had a turn.

Musical Hugs added 2-22-98 Original Author Unknown

Play a peppy song. When the music stops you must give the person standing next to you a hug!

Valentine Bean Bags added 2-22-98 Original Author Unknown

With red chalk, we drew a heart "target" on our wall outdoors. Make three heart shaped bean bags out of red vinyl to throw at the heart. Each child who wants a turn, stands behind a line and throws (3) bean bags at the heart. You can make it easier or harder by moving the line.

Valentine Bounce added 2-22-98 Original Author Unknown

In the middle of a blanket or a parachute, sing this song while bouncing a valentine shaped plush toy .

Sung to: "Did You Ever See a Lassie?"
Did you ever see a valentine, a valentine, a valentine?
Did you ever see a valentine go this way and that?
Go this way and that way, go this way and that way
Did you ever see a valentine go this way and that?

Conversation Heart Bingo added 2-22-98 Original Author Unknown

Instead of using chips use conversation hearts.

Heart Hop! ( for rainy days) added 2-22-98 Original Author Unknown

Tape hearts to floor around room and have the children hope to each heart until they reach the end and then start over. Great exercise!

Bean Bag Heart Toss added 1-30-01 Original Author Unknown

You will need to make up a box ahead of time for this center. Take a
cardboard box and cut out Valentine hearts 5-6, make them big enough for the
children to throw bean bags through. Decorate the rest of the box in a
Valentine's Day pattern. Have the children practice throwing bean bags in.

Heart Puzzles added 1-30-01 Original Author Unknown

Decorate large hearts. Cut the hearts apart in as many pieces as you feel your children can put back together. Store the pieces in plastic ziplock bags.

Valentines Game added 1-30-01 Original Author Unknown

Staple a 2" piece of string to a heart cut out of tagboard. Hide the heart while the children close their eyes. The Valentine maybe covered but the string must be left to show. Tell the children to search for the Valentine, but when they find it they should not pick it up or tell anyone. Instead they must just go and sit back down until everyone else has found it. The first child to sit down then may hide the heart.

Valentine Bingo  added 1-30-01 Original Author Unknown

Prepare four heart-shaped cards. Write I Love You on them. For each player print a set of alphabet letters, I, L, O, V, E, Y, O, U, on 1 1/2" hearts. Make a heart spinner that has these letters printed also. Players take turns spinning. Use candy hearts to cover the letter spun.

Musical Valentine added 1-30-01 Original Author Unknown

Cut out and laminate enough huge hearts for each child in group to stand on. Place hearts in a circle on the floor. Play music when the music stops the children must stand on a heart. Take away a heart for each time the music stops. Allow all the children to stay in the game, however they must then share the amount of hearts.

St. Valentine Says added 1-30-01 Original Author Unknown

This game is played the same way as Simon Says.

Freeze Heart added 2-1-01 Original Author Unknown

Play Freeze Heart. Using heart shapes cut out of large pieces of construction and laminate them.  Place the hearts on the floor. While playing music the children can dance and move around them to the music.  Stop the music and everyone has to find a heart to land on - put their foot on, sit on, etc.  You can vary this game by removing the hearts slowly and asking the children to play cooperatively by sharing the hearts when they land, eventually everyone is on one or two hearts.  You can also add variety by directing children to certain colors at certain times (color identification and matching), or having children work in pairs with a buddy, etc.

Heart Heart Valentine added 1-6-03 Original Author Unknown

Play duck duck goose but use heart heart valentine instead.

Queen of Hearts added 1-13-03 Original Author Unknown

Arrange chairs for players in a circle.  (One chair per player.) Fasten a large paper heart behind one of the chairs.  This is the Queen of Hearts throne.  To play, the players walk around the circle.  At a prearranged signal, they try to find a chair.  The
person who sits in the chair with the heart on it must drop out of the game.  Each time a player is eliminated a chair is removed from the circle.   The game ends when only one player is left.  He/she gets the crown of hearts.

Alternate: To keep everyone happy and have no sad faces, you can have the person who is in the heart chair the winner each round.

Hunt the Hearts added 1-13-03 Original Author Unknown

Cut assorted hearts from paper and hide them in the room.  Let the children hunt for them for a given period of time, then they may count the ones they find.

Racing Heart  added 1-13-03 Original Author Unknown
Cut small hearts out of pink, red or white construction paper, give kids a straw, let them pick up heart by inhaling on straw, walk from one end of room to another.

Sweetheart Messages added 1-20-03 Original Author Unknown

To prepare this game, program a class supply of construction paper hearts with various messages, similar to those found in candy conversation hearts. To play, seat the children in a circle.  Choose one child to be Cupid.  Have Cupid stand a distance away from the group with her back toward the circle.  Give a programmed heart to a child in the group and have him conceal it.  Invite cupid to return to the group by chanting, "Cupid, Cupid, what do you say?  Do you know who has a message today"  Allow Cupid to guess who has the heart by asking, "Do you have a heart today".  Once Cupid guesses correctly, the teacher then reads the message aloud and safety pins the heart to cupid's clothing.  Cupid then rejoins the group and the
guessed child becomes Cupid.  Continue play until each child is wearing a heart.

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