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Winter Book Recommendations!

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Games & Outdoors : Seasons > Winter

Snowball Catch added 1-6-00 Original Author Unknown

Empty bleach bottles with handles
White yarn balls

Cut each clean bleach bottle at an angle starting just below the handle to make a large scoop. Two children will play toss together using the yarn. Younger kids can use the scoops independently to toss the yarn up in the air to catch.

Parachute Snowfall added 1-18-01 Original Author Unknown

Place cotton ball "snow" on the parachute. Put on some music and gently let the snow fall.

Paper snowball "fight" added 1-6-00 Original Author Unknown

Put a masking tape dividing line between 2 or more groups of children. Give them each a stack of newspapers. When the signal is given to begin the "snowball fight" let the children wad the newspapers into "snow balls" and throw them at their friends. See which side can get all of their snowballs on the other side!

Arctic Animal movement game added 1-6-00 Original Author Unknown

Talk about and show picture of animals that live in the arctic. Ex.
Polar bears, penguins, seals, walrus, etc. Put on some music and have
them move like a polar bear, or waddle like a penguin, etc.

Pass The Ice added 1-6-00 Original Author Unknown

This is played much like Hot Potato.  Have the children pass an ice
cube around the circle to music.  When the music stops, everyone claps
for the one holding the ice cube.  Keep playing until the ice is
completely melted.

Sock Skating added 2-02-02 Original Author Unknown

Need: Music of different tempos, paper plates, tile or wooden floor, and kids wearing socks

Have your kids remove their shoes, and place each foot on a paper plate.  When the music starts, have them 'skate' to the rhythm around the floor.  Explain that they need to listen carefully.  When the music is slow, they should skate slowly, when the music speeds up, they should skate quickly, and when the music stops, they must stop too.

Snowball Hunt added 2-02-02 Original Author Unknown

Need: Cotton balls, empty egg carton, marker

Hide cotton balls around the room.  Give each of your children an empty egg carton with the cups labeled from 1 to 12.  Let the children walk around the room looking for the hidden "snowballs".  Encourage them to put their snowballs into the cups in numerical order.  Once all the snowballs have been found, count them together.

Pin the Nose on the Snowman added 11-11-02 Original Author Unknown

Draw a snowman face on a large piece of paper. Make some small orange triangles (carrots) about the size to fit your snowman. Now play the game. Tape the Snowman to a wall. Give each child a nose with their name and a piece of tape on it. Blindfold the child. Depending on the age of the children, you can have them turn in a circle to make it a little harder. Then just like pin the tail on the donkey, have the child walk toward the snow man and put the nose on the first place on the wall they touch. Give each child that wants a turn a chance.

Mitten Match added 12-11-02 Original Author Unknown

Separate pairs of mittens. Give each child a mitten and put the matching
mitten in a pile. Encourage children to form a circle around the mitten
pile. Encourage the children to take turns picking a mitten from the pile
and finding the child with the matching mitten.

Snow added 1-10-06 Submitted by: Lynn Campbell

After reading a fun "snow" book I give each child a handful of cotton balls and on the count of three we throw our snow in the air.   We have a "snow storm" in the room.  It's a lot of fun and when the fun is over we shovel our snow back into the bag.


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