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Science & Sensory: Garden

Rooting a Sweet Potato added 3-01-01 Original Author Unknown

To root a sweet potato in water, push toothpicks halfway into the potato. Then place the potato in a glass of water with the toothpicks resting on the top rim.  Make sure the end of the potato is immersed in water.  Place the glass where it will receive adequate light.  Maintain the water level so that the bottom of the potato is always immersed.  Note that in a few weeks roots will grow out of the sides and bottom of the potato, and leaves will grow out of the top.  The plant can be left in the water or replanted in soil.  This activity provides the children an opportunity to observe root

Birdseed Garden added 3-01-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Birdseeds, sponge, plastic plate

Place a sponge soaked with water in a plastic plate and allow child to sprinkle it with birdseeds. Place the plate in a sunny place and watch for the seeds to sprout! The seeds will continue to sprout as long as the child keeps water in the plate.

Chia Pet Egg added 3-01-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Eggshell with the top 1/4 broken off, Ring cut from an empty paper towel roll to hold the eggshell or part of an egg carton, 3 Damp cotton balls, 1/8 teaspoon alfalfa seeds, Fine tip markers

Set the empty eggshell in the holder cut from the empty paper towel roll or part of egg carton. Draw a face on the eggshell with colored markers. Place damp cotton balls
inside eggshell. Sprinkle seeds over the cotton and keep the cotton damp. In two or
three days, the seeds will begin to sprout. Put in a sunny spot. As the sprouts grow, your child can give the egg friend a "haircut".

Cup of Seeds added 3-01-01 Original Author Unknown

Stuff crumpled paper towels into a clear plastic cup, and add water to dampen but not soak them. Place some seeds between the side of the cup and the paper
towel so that  they are visible from the outside. Cover the cup with plastic wrap, and tape a second cup on top of the first. Observe the seeds for a while. Once they start to grow you may want to transport them to potting soil.

Bottle Greenhouse added 3-01-01 Original Author Unknown

Made a greenhouse out of 2-liter pop bottles. Ask each child to bring one to school.   Just cut them in half with an utility knife beforehand and peal off the label.  Make slits going long ways so the top section will fit over the bottom section.  Have them fill it with dirt and plant bean seeds, flowers seeds, grass, or whatever you have. Put
the top section back on.  Put them in a sunny spot.  The great thing is you only have to water them about once or twice a week.  The items really grow great and it gets really warm inside of the pop bottle!!

Grow a seed added 3-01-01 Original Author Unknown

Put pumpkin or lima bean seeds in a wet paper towel and put it all in a clear ziplock baggie.  Hang it on a bulletin board where it gets moderate sun. Watch it grow. (remember to water it from time to time.)

Root Viewer added 3-01-01 Original Author Unknown

Begin by taking a cardboard milk carton and cutting out a flap on one side, cut three sides so it can be opened like a door. Tape a piece of plastic wrap over the window on the inside.  Fill the carton with soil and plant a couple of seeds (pumpkin works well).  Place the side opposite the window up on a block the the carton is at and angle.  When the plant begins to grow, the roots will grow towards the window,
allowing you to open the window and see the roots.  Be sure to keep the window closed when not viewing.

Grow A Pine Cone Tree added 3-01-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Pine cone for each child (keep inside over night so they will be dry and
wide open), grass seed in measuring cup or cup with pouring spout, small jar in which pine cone can sit, but not go all the way into, water in bowl

Each child will wet his pine cone in the bowl of water. Fill a jar with water and
set the pine cone in the top of the jar. About 1/4 of the pine cone needs to fit snugly in the jar and reach the water. Sprinkle the pine cone generously with grass seed. Place the jars in a windowsill. Help the children add water to their jars when needed. Be careful not to wash the seeds away. Grass will sprout in a few days.

Grow Your Name added 7-9-02 Original Author Unknown

Need: Small Box (roughly half the size of a shoe box), Grass Seed, Potting Soil

Directions: Get small boxes, line them with plastic, and fill them with potting soil. Have your children scratch out their name in the soil. Have them sprinkle grass seeds into the name Gently cover it with soil and soon you will have their name growing in a garden.

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