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Science & Sensory: Holidays > Halloween

Halloween Sensory Activity added 8-11-98
Original Author Unknown

Buy some small plastic jack-o-lanterns that are meant to be filled with treats. Fill them with cotton balls that have been perfumed with scents from the pantry (pumpkin pie spice, apple pie spice, peppermint extract, lemon peel, orange peel, etc.). Put these in the sensory center. Children can enjoy smelling the scents.

Science Activity added 8-11-98 Original Author Unknown

Put several mini pumpkins, small gourds, and Indian corn in a basket with magnifying lenses. Put the basket in the sensory center. Children feel the different textures, look at a variety of colors, and examine them close up with the magnifying lenses. Autumn leaves, pine cones, and nuts can be added.

Pumpkin Plant added 9-28-98 Original Author Unknown

Have each student plant a pumpkin seed in a ziploc bag with a little dirt and water. (Soak the seeds in water overnight first.) Zip the bags tight, hang them up somewhere and they require no further maintenance. The bags will fog up and clear up and you can explain to your class how it is similar to clouds and rain. The ziploc bag is like its own little world. The other really awesome aspect of the bags is that you can see the seeds open and the roots grow down and the sprout grow up. Send the plants home shortly after they sprout, because they need to be transplanted.

Flying Monster Plant added 9-4-00 Original Author Unknown

Need:  A natural sponge (not man made); bird seed; water; 2 cardboard eyes; 2 toothpicks; string. 

Directions: Tie the string around the sponge leaving 6 inches of string loose at the top so you can hang the sponge.  Soak the sponge in water.  Sprinkle bird seed on the sponge.  Stick toothpicks into your cardboard eyes and then stick them into the sponge. Hang in a sunny window.  Spray the sponge everyday with water.  Watch
what happens!!!

Pumpkin Exploring added 10-20-02 Original Author Unknown

Need:  Pumpkins, spoons, scissors, tweezers, plastic or paper cups for collecting seeds, and plastic or rubber gloves.

Directions: Cut several pumpkins in half (vertically) and place 3 or 4 at a time in the sensory table form the kids to explore.  Have enough halves ready so that each child gets a chance to explore a relatively fresh one.  Provide spoons, scissors, tweezers, plastic or paper cups for collecting seeds, and plastic or rubber gloves.

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