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Alphabet : E > Music & Songs

Elephant added 7-18-98 Original Author Unknown

A circus elephant I went to see.
(Hold hand over eyes.)
He had 4 legs and was bigger than me.
(Hold up 4 fingers and point to self.)
He had two ears big and round.
(Show two fingers and make a circle with hands.)
And one long nose that made a sound. /eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee/
(Put arm like trunk and make elephant noise.)

Ethelís Eggs added 7-18-98 Original Author Unknown

Ethel was a hen who laid 10 eggs.
(Hold up 10 fingers.)
Each chick hatched and had two legs.
(Cup hands together and open, pointing both index fingers upward.)
They would play and have their fun.
(Wiggle all 10 fingers.)
But when Ethel called, they would come!
(While wiggling fingers, clasp hands together.)
(Ask: How many legs did 10 chicks have?
Let children draw 10 chicks to find out.)
Evelynís Rent
On the first, Evelyn was sent
(Hold up index finger.)
To pay Mr. Edward the apartment rent.
(Hold out palm as to pay money.)
On the elevator, Evelyn went
(Point right index finger upward and sit on palm of other hand.)
And did her job excellent!
(Clap hands.)

Make an E added 3-2-99 Original Author Unknown

How to make your body into an E
To be a big E,
Just sit right down.
Stretch your legs out
And try not to frown.

Hold out your left arm,
Stretch it out far.
Bend your other arm,
And there you are.

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