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Teacher's Lounge : Holidays

Articles In This Section:

Easy Animal Costumes for Infants and Up - Children look so cute dressed as fuzzy and furry creatures. Especially with whiskers painted on their chubby little cheeks! Here are some fun animal costumes that are perfect for infants and toddlers, as well as children of all ages. (Added October 12, 2000)

Halloween Costumes - Traditional Favorites - As trick-or-treaters reach our doorsteps, we will view many fun and frightful costumes. Over the years, several designs pop up over and over, year after year. If your kids are looking for a traditional costume, try one of these on for size! (Added October 12, 2000)

Creative Costumes for Halloween - As the years have come and gone, parents and children have become more and more creative in selecting costumes, from the adorable to the unusual. Here are a few to choose from! (Added October 12, 2000)

Teaching Young Children about Native Americans - Young children's conceptions of Native Americans often develop out of media portrayals and classroom role playing of the events of the First Thanksgiving. The conception of Native Americans gained from such early exposure is both inaccurate and potentially damaging to others. (Added October 26, 2000)

Holiday Toy Safety - Images of the holidays include twinkling lights, holly, Christmas trees, and happy children playing with bright new toys. But in years past, there were 113,000 toy-related injuries treated in hospital emergency rooms in the United States, with 95,000 involving children under 15. (Added November 10, 2000)

Post-Holiday Blahs - Fall and winter are exciting times: school starts, and at least one holiday appears every month until January. Vacations and long week-ends abound. In school children learn the importance of decorating appropriately for each holiday, and their excitement seems to reach a peak in December with celebrations at home, at school, at church, and at every organization to which children can belong. (Added November 10, 2000)

Learning About Our World: Celebrating Kwanzaa - December brings holidays for many people in our country. Christmas and New Year's are two celebrations that have long histories. A relatively new celebration is Kwanzaa, an African-American holiday beginning on December 26 and lasting seven days. (Added November 23, 2000)

Visits Top Gift Lists For Nursing Home Residents - Visits top the wish lists of most nursing home residents. But you, and many others, may hesitate to visit someone who lives in a care facility because you are not sure what to do. (Added December 19, 2000)

Holidays: Celebrating Diversity And Meeting Children's Developmental Needs - Talking and thinking about holidays in early childhood programs today is a "hot topic." There is an increasing diversity of children, families, and staff who make up our programs. (Added November 12, 2001)



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