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Teacher's Lounge : Teaching Tips

How to prevent being interrupted added 1-6-00 Original Author Unknown

When I want to teach a small group and NOT be interrupted,  I put a hat on.  I try to keep it seasonal:  a Santa hat, a winter hat,  etc.  But they know if Mrs. ***  has her hat on, they cannot ask a  question unless they are bleeding.  (I  have parents working  during this time so there are adults available.)

Sharing Rhyme added 3-27-00 Submitted by: Tonya Pryor

Whenever someone in my Pre-K class doesn't want to share I recite this little rhyme that I made up: "It's not fair when you don't share."

Crayon Boxes added 1-6-00 Original Author Unknown

Put a piece of tape on the bottom of the crayon boxes so the bottoms won't fall out. 
Glue Lid added 1-6-00 Original Author Unknown

Spray Pam or other cooking spray on the insides of the orange tops of the glue lids. This will help with the clogging. 

Coffee Cans added 1-6-00 Original Author Unknown

Use coffee cans (small ones) for their individual supplies. Cover them and put names on them. Make sure you put a piece of tape around the inside rim, so the Children donít cut themselves.

Open house added 3-25-00 Submitted by: Elaine Chambers

Before open house mail a scavenger hunt list to each student. example: Find your seat, Find your cubby, Find the reading center.  Have a treat ready for all your good hunters.

Room Reminder added 3-27-00 Submitted by: Kathi Talbot

To help children find their classroom more easily in schools/centers with a large amount of classrooms/entry doors, place a large, easily recognizable picture of a popular children's character on the door and leave up for the term.

Rewards That Don't Cost Much Money Or Rot Your Teeth  
added 7-27-00 Original Author Unknown

Sit at the teacher's desk.
Be the zookeeper and take care of the animals.
Have lunch with your favorite person.
Join another class for indoor recess.
Have the teacher phone parents to tell them what a great kid you are.
Be first in line.
Choose any class job for the week.
Choose the music for lunch. Bring in a tape.
Use colored chalk.
Do all the class jobs for the day.
Be a helper in the room with younger children.
Stay in at recess to play a game with a friend.
Use stamps and ink.
Invite a friend from another class into the room for lunch.
Use the teacher's chair.
Take a class game home for the night.
Move your chair to a chosen location.
Keep an animal on your desk--stuffed or not stuffed.
Lunch with the teacher.
Use the couch or beanbag chair for the day.
Go to another class for lunch.
Be the first to eat.
Use the tape recorder and tape a story.
Have a special sharing time to teach something to the class, set up a display, etc.
Be leader of a class game.
Extra center time or extra recess.
Get first pick of recess equipment.
Play a computer game.

Thumb Prints added 7-28-00 Original Author Unknown

A new twist to an old idea...instead of using ink pads when doing thumb prints (animals etc) use Hershey's syrup.. kids don't mind licking their fingers... Just be careful they don't get too carried away and let it drip all over their papers.

Marker Saver  added 11-6-01 Submitted by: Jennifer Kirk

When markers start to dry up (we all know how good kids are at putting caps back on.) Just put them in a cup of water for a few minutes. Make it a weekly job for a child. They like to see the water change color!

No-Tears Show and Tell  added 3-4-02 Original Author Unknown

There'll be no more tears over forgotten show and tell opportunities when you send home reminders that can't be missed. Write "It's my turn for show and tell" on 2 notes and laminate them. Punch a hole in each note and attach an inexpensive shower curtain ring. At end of the school day, hook the rings to the totes bags or jacket zippers of the two children who will have show-and-tell the next day. Students and parents have a high visibility reminder and you can control the number of show and tells that the children sit through.

Teacher Organization Help added 3-12-02 Submitted by: Daphne Howell

Use an index card and a card file holder to store my recipes.  You can color code them between the different categories (paste, dough, art, and paint), or use colored cards.

Tubs and Tops added 4-6-02 Submitted by: Judy J.

Are your kitchen cabinets overflowing with mismatched margarine tubs and lids? Instead of throwing them away, put them to use in your classroom. Use the plastic containers to store markers, crayons, and small art supplies. Then turn surplus lids into art stencils. Draw a simple design on a lid. Then cut out the design using an craft knife. Place the stencils in an art center along with paper and markers. Save the cutout plastic designs to be used for crayon rubbings.

Pinky and Quiet Time added 6-1-02 Submitted by: Tami J. Daniels

I brought in a small stuffed mouse-the kids named him "Pinky" - as a quiet-time incentive. I first introduced him to the class by whispering that Pinky is a small little mouse who gets frightened by loud noises.  If he hears loud noises he might run back into his hole.  Very quickly the kids came to realize that if Pinky was "out" they had to be quiet so as not to frighten him. If they became too loud during an activity, I would simply bring Pinky out so they could see him and they immediately got quieter.  It worked wonders without having to constantly remind them to use their inside voices.

Communication added 9-9-02 Submitted by: Holly L. Scott

Get a list of your student's e-mail during home visits or open houses.  Most parents have e-mail and this is a wonderful way to link the communication between home and school.

Paint and glue containers added 7-15-03 Submitted by: Terri Nazworth

I do not have space in my room for large containers of paint so I use ketchup bottles, the kind with the squirt top. This works with glue also and makes it very easy to refill the children's glue containers with no mess.


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